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York Youngsters Child Care

Kelsey Probach
York Youngsters Child Care

Kelsey recently opened her own daycare center, and she already has six children enrolled. She found it difficult to find the part-time care that she needed for her own daughter, and decided to start her own child care center. This has offered her the flexibility of caring for her own daughter, while at the same time providing some extra income.

The Problem

As the new owner of York Youngsters Childcare, Kelsey found it tedious to use Word and Excel for managing tasks such as billing parents, tracking important information, and creating the reports she needed. Everything was unorganized, and she wanted software that would help her easily track and find the information she required, so she turned to the web for help.

“Many of the childcare software programs that I found online looked difficult to use, and they were too expensive for home daycare,” Kelsey said. “But when I found Sandbox Software, I was happy to see that it was priced affordably for home daycare centers as well. And it was so much easier to use then the other childcare software programs that I’d looked at.”

The Sandbox Solution

Sandbox Software has helped Kelsey to be more organized. “I just had a parent request a statement of their invoices and payments for the last couple of months,” Stacey said. “Previously I would have had to search for all the copies of invoices and payments that they had made during that time. But the customer statement report in Sandbox Software allowed me to easily filter for the period of time that I wanted, and it automatically created the report I needed. The reports in Sandbox Software are great – I can’t wait to automatically create tax receipts at year-end. It’s going to save me so much time!”

Kelsey also loves the fact that all of her information is automatically backed up for her. “Knowing that all the important information that I need is stored securely all in one place, and automatically backed up every day gives me peace of mind,” Kelsey said. “I no longer have to worry about losing everything.” When we asked how she would describe Sandbox Software she said, “Powerful, but not complicated.” We couldn’t have asked her to say it any better. Thanks Kelsey!

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