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Playhouse Learning Center

Mila Kotov
Playhouse Learning Center

Mila Kotov opened The Playhouse Learning Center over six years ago, and enrolment at the child care center has continued to grow ever since. Although they have a large center, they strive to create the feel of a home environment by focusing on the specific, individual needs of each child. They also make use of a high quality educational curriculum and work hard to educate the children while providing them with the care that they need.

The Problem

Mila found it difficult to manage her enrollment and keep track of which classes the children needed to be in at her childcare center. Since children are always graduating to new programs, and may even need to move between classes from time to time, the process of making these changes and keeping track of them was difficult. Since she was just using a pen and paper, Mila was constantly looking at birthdays, scratching down notes, and manually trying to figure out when and where to move each child.

The Sandbox Solution

Sandbox child care software provided Mila with the tools she was looking for. “Sandbox Software has saved me a pile of time from trying to manage my enrollment changes and paperwork manually!” Mila said. The Classes screen in Sandbox provides a snapshot of the enrollment at the entire child care center, and now moving children between classes and from the waiting list has been made easy! If Mila has to make changes to the class a child is in, or needs to make room for someone on the waiting list, she can simply move them to a different class using the Classes screen. Once the changes are saved, all of the information on the child’s account is updated, and she can immediately print off the updated reports that she needs. Sandbox Software has made Mila’s life easier. Thanks for being a loyal customer Mila!

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